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  • Kiwiherb (Green) Organic Immune Guard

    Kiwiherb (Green) Organic Immune Guard


    Kiwiherb Organic Immune Guard is a unique formulation using potent herbs to support immune and respiratory health. Locally grown Horseradish and Elecampane help clear...

  • Kiwiherb - Herbal Insect Repellent

    Kiwiherb - Herbal Insect Repellent


    Protection from insect bites. Herbal Insect Repellent provides 100% natural protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects. A completely unique and proven...

  • Kiwiherb - Kids Calm

    Kiwiherb - Kids Calm


    Kiwi Calm is used for babies and children who are irritable or unsettled babies, colic, wind, sleep, teething and travel.Kid’s Calm is a delicious tasting syrup that helps...

  • Kiwiherb (Green) - Winter Guard

    Kiwiherb (Green) - Winter Guard


    WinterGuard is a carefully blended formula of certified organic immune herbs including olive leaf and echinacea root, combined with ginger, marshmallow, mullein, and...

  • Kiwiherb - EchiBerry

    Kiwiherb - EchiBerry

    $19.95 - $30.95

    With equivalent of 45g fresh berries in every 10 ml, Kiwiherb EchiBerry is a delicious way to get your daily dose of antioxidants and supercharge your immunity. EchiBerry...

  • Kiwiherb - Adult's Echinature

    Kiwiherb - Adult's Echinature

    $24.70 - $57.95

    Echinature® is premium organic New Zealand grown echinacea root with manuka honey providing an immune formula for year round use. This guaranteed high potency formulation is...

  • Kiwiherb - De-Stuff Rub

    Kiwiherb - De-Stuff Rub


    De-Stuff Rub helps ease stuffy congestion in the head and chest and supports clear airways and combines the healing touch of a parent with clinical benefits of active plant...

  • Kiwiherb - Children's Echinature

    Kiwiherb - Children's Echinature

    $23.40 - $35.90

    Children’s Echinature® is the essential immune product for children of all ages, made from premium certified organic Echinacea root, in a base of organic apple juice...

  • Kiwiherb - Children's Throat Syrup

    Kiwiherb - Children's Throat Syrup


    Children’s Throat Syrup is a delicious tasting natural formula specifically designed for infants and children of all ages to help soothe dry tickley throats and support...

  • Kiwiherb - Baby Balm

    Kiwiherb - Baby Balm


    Baby Balm has been expertly formulated with natural herbs and oils to gently soothe and protect delicate skin. Made from organic calendula and chamomile with NZ native herb...

  • Kiwiherb - Children's Chest Syrup

    Kiwiherb - Children's Chest Syrup

    $22.50 - $33.90

    Children’s Chest Syrup is a delicious tasting natural formula specifically designed for babies and children of all ages. Works quickly for all types of cough and has a...

  • Kiwiherb - De-Stuff for Kids

    Kiwiherb - De-Stuff for Kids

    $23.40 - $35.90

    De-Stuff for Kids promotes clear noses, ears and sinuses for babies and children suffering from colds or allergies.Made from the certified organic herbs Elderflower and...