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Boba Wrap Instructions

Boba Wrap Instructions

A soft stretchy wrap is our most recommended way to carry your newborn hands free. These are comfprtable to wear all day, you can just pop your baby in or out as you need to.

You can easily learn to breastfeed in a Boba Wrap, and it can be a great help if you are suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome or RSI and can't have the weight of your baby lying on your arm.

The key to using a stretchy wrap safely and confidently is choosing a 2-way stretch wrap. This means you can tie it really firmly as the fabric stretches around you and around your baby. Basic otton wraps like a Moby don't have any give or stretch around you, so it's very hard to get them secure.

Watch our video to show you how to use your Boba wrap safely and securely. The video shows you:


  1. How to tie your wrap securely

  2. How to position baby safely


"The Boba Wrap is our most recommended stretchy wrap. The 2-way stretch is so much easier to tie securely and it's way more comfortable than basic cotton wraps like a Moby wrap"


How to tie a Boba Wrap

When using a stretchy wrap to carry your baby, there are some safety considerations and checks that will ensure you keep them safe and sound. Ensure your wrap is tied firmly and your baby is positioned correctly. Always follow your carrier instructions carefully.

Watch this helpful video from Louise, which shows you how!