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When do you bath your children?

When do you bath your children?

The Sleep Store asked:

Is a bath part of your children's bedtime routine? We usually do bath before dinner so there's less to do later!

Here's what our Facebook community had to say:

Photo: Is a bath part of your children's bedtime routine? We usually do bath before dinner so there's less to do later!

we do bath after dinner.... cos dinner is so messy.

Bath after the messy dinner

‎^ditto :)

Books, bath, boob, bed :)

Bath time is def a bed time ritual in our house, right from when they are born,

Hmm I never thought about doing bath before dinner cause of the mess too, but Im kinda contemplating this now.

Dinner, bath, milk, teeth, books, bed.

Always a bath - even if it is just a quick dip. After dinner in our house though.

Same - mine could do with being taken outside and being hosed off after some meals! What do you feed them that makes a bath before dinner possible??? ;) Somehow a bath that should be relaxing gives our oldest one a final burst of hyperactivity though.

But bath before dinner then you have a messy baby? how guy eats with his hands, so it get everywhere

Both of mine (nearly 5 and 2) have decided that they prefer to have a shower (which I don't mine as its often quicker and less messy). so we do dinner, playtime and then shower.

Usually we do baths every second night miss 3 before dinner, and 11month old after (he likes to get messy). Our dinner is early, usually around 530ish

The past week we have been doing bath then dinner, because kade was unwell we needed to entertain him and he loves his bath and he was going to bed earlier, it's worked well so we may stick to it, I don't put his pjs on so if his

We do bath before dinner too. And yes they need a good flannelly wash after but it means we can have a family dinner once my husband gets home. It's really nice and has really helped with my big boys fussy eating.

depends how messy (or late ) dinner looks to be.. but usually dinner , bath, books and bed

My daughter likes a bath right after dinner before Jammie time, she is quite the eccentric eater so we always use bath time as a calm down/ baby-parent time...

We bath after dinner as a wind down, its the thing for us before milk and books in bed ...

Mr 2 3/4's hates the bath now so its a shower after dinner followed by milk, teeth, book and bed.

for my baby its bath after dinner but for son its bath before dinner otherwise dinner wont get cooked lol

Ours have always been the 3 B's, bath boob bed and as they get older bath book bed.

Plus it meand dad does it, always, everynight around the 6.20 - 6.30 mark, never later

Dinner, bath, book, bottle, night garden and bed :)

glad I'm not the only one that does bath before dinner!! so much easier!

Absolutely part of night time routine for us. Used to do before dinner when number 3 was a bub but now she's almost one we do after dinner as she makes such a mess eating!

There is always that down time while dinner is cooking, so I put the boys on the bath before dinner as well! They love it!

Bath after tea -gotta scrub all the food off!

Both boys go in the bath while I get dinner ready, I can see them from the kitchen. Multi tasking! :)

Mr 2.10 has a shower while I cook tea. He is a messy eater but that's what bibs are for! Then it's play with dad before teeth. Toilet. Books and bed

Dinner, bath, book, boob, bed,never missed a night, 6months today :)

Bath after dinner is the only option here - I have 3 zoo animals!

We do mush, bath, boob/bottle, bed. I have a quick shower, and then we bath together and no matter how horrid the day has been, DD always loves her bath time :)

Bath after dinner here, too messy, and less clothing and nappy changes. Couldn't imagine doing bath before dinner!

Always been part of our bedtime routine too and always after dinner but the odd time it's been before dinner cos they've been grubby from playing outside it does seem to make the evening easier.

Boob, Bath, EBM Bottle, Bed

Dinner, bath, story and bed for us. We must bathe the kids after dinner cause they get so messy :)

Mister 3 1/2 used to love the bath (sometimes still does) but often on daycare days is too tired, so we often do every 2nd night now. Dinner, 10 mins play time, bath/flannel wash, pjs, teeth and toilet, 3 books and into bed.