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Moving from Sleeping Bag to Bedding Thread

Moving from Sleeping Bag to Bedding Thread

The Sleep Store posted

Moving from a sleeping bag to bedding - do you have any handy tips for us to include in a new website article please.

Our Facebook Community replied

Easy to do in summer as bedding doesn't matter.

We gave her sleepsack to her teddy so she didn't have one to wear anymore... He slept in a made up bed on the floor in his sleepsack and Liv got her new duvet and new pyjamas.

Just took it off, was so excited to be in big bed didnt matter at all

We had double ended side zip bags so we left it open at the feet so she got used to the sensation of different bedding on her toes for a few nights. And taught her how to pull up the blankets as a game, I'd lie with her in our big bed and show her how to grab and pull them up under our chins, she'd say 'nice and warm mama' was very cute...

She was very attached to the whole sleeping and routine, so for the first few nights we put on his lightweight summer bag ( it was winter!) when he got put to bed, and removed it when we went to sleep - he barely stirred during that process. after a couple of nights we just said that he probably didn't need it on at ngihttime, and never looked back!

Also if you could advise what sort of age to attempt the change would be helpful too

We had to introduce a warm toddler sleepsuit to wear over pjs as no matter how many times we have explained it to our now 3 year old he still doesn't get that his duvet and covers keep him warm and kicks them off all night! During summer not such a problem but over winter the Snugtime Blanket Sleepers have worked really well.

We kept Ollie in his sleeping bag when we moved him from his cot to his bed. We put a duvet on the bed aswell which initially he didn' use and then over the space of a couple of weeks he started using the duvet. Once he was consistently under the duvet still in the mornings we just stopped putting the sleeping bag on at night. He never asked for it again, he was 25 mths.

My daughter is nearly 4 and refuses to give up her sleeping bag! making night toilet training real hard. we are aiming to give it up when summer comes

My daughter was very attatched to her sleeping bag, I tried to get her out of it during the summer but had no luck. When she moved into the bed we suggested just putting it over her knees so she still had it but wasnt actually in it (with normal bedding on top of that). It worked really well and she soon forgot about it :-)

We found the snugglebum footed sleeper really helpful when moving from a bag in the cot to bedding in the big bed. Our little girl took some weeks to adjust to keeping a sheet and then a blanket on so with the all in one sleeper we at least knew she was well covered no matter where the bedding ended up.

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