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Moving Up To a Big Bed

Moving Up To a Big Bed

Get Ready for the Big Time

Moving from the cot to a bigger bed is one of those landmark occasions. We’ve put together some tips and offers on essential items to help with the move to a bigger bed.

Waking from the cold is a very common toddler sleep problem, so a good pair of snuggly pyjamas like Woolbabe merino/cotton pyjamas or sleepsuit is a must. You can also try to ease the transition from cot to bed by continuing to use their sleeping bag or one of our Merino onesies, and gradually transition to traditional bedding. That way if they do kick the covers off in the middle of the night they won't wake up cold. Our Merino onesies are also ideal for big kids up to age 10, who wriggle out of their bedding or can’t get the hang of pulling up their own duvet.

Wee Accidents

When moving up to a big bed mattress protectors are usually top of everyone's list. There's a wide variety of different options and brands available at The Sleep Store including our own in-house range, however Brolly Sheets are most parents' number one choice. We love Brolly Sheets, they’re quick and easy to change without stripping the bed!

We recommend buying at the very least two Brolly Sheets so that you can quickly swap it out when you need a clean one. If you’d like to find out more visit our dedicated Brolly Sheet page.


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Bed Linen & Choosing the Right Pillow

Moving up to a big bed is a big occasion. It's a good opportunity to invest in quality linen that's soft, easy care and inviting for little ones. There's a wide range of options to choose from at The Sleep Store. Go for cotton - it's breathable and more comfortable than synthetic fibres. We love the jersey cotton linen, it has the feeling of t-shirt material and is soft and snuggly. Organic cotton is a great choice and there are coloured and patterned options available too. Washable and easy care is important for first bed linen. Look for duvet inners that are washable as well as pillows and mattress protectors that can be thrown in the washing machine quickly and allow for fast bed linen changes.

When your little one is ready for their first pillow, giving them any old pillow to sleep on isn't always the best option. There are a range of kid size pillows available which will be more comfortable and support them better than the adult size counterparts.

Choose the the silky soft Tencel pillow with under quilting & superb natural comfort or the Cuski orthopaedic pillow, made from memory foam; sized and shaped to give essential neck support for your growing child. If you're looking for a pillow make from natural materials take a look at out Madii & Dylan range made from organic latex.

Preventing Falls

One of our most popular solutions for helping to prevent little ones accidentally rolling out of bed is the Big Bed Bumper. It's a safer, less expensive and more attractive alternative to the traditional bed rail. It is a specially designed firm foam wedge (either 107cm or 115cm in length) that stops your child falling out of bed. Just place the bumper on the mattress and pull the fitted sheet over. It’s that simple. View the range of bed rails here.

Attached bedding is another option. These are special fitted sheets with an attached flat sheet. With the flat sheet zipped to the fitted sheet the bedding can't be kicked off and it makes it harder for a child to roll out of bed as they are sleeping in the pocket that the attached bedding creates. Kids Zip Sheets are one of the attached bedding options we offer, but depending on the age of your little one a Snugsheet or BabeOK sleeper may be an option too.

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Big Bed Bumper bed rail on single bed to prevent falling out

Knowing it's Time to Get Up

Moving from a cot to a bed usually happens around the same time as a child being able to get out of bed themselves and also needing to learn when to stay in bed in the morning. Children waking too early in the morning is a problem for the whole family. When children don’t get enough sleep overnight, they will be grumpy during the day. And when parents get woken up too is harder to cope with grizzly children! Unless you take action to teach your children to sleep in later in the morning, this vicious cycle can become a very firm habit.

Children don't know what time it is...they can’t tell the time from a regular clock and their body clock could be telling them it's morning at 5am! A sleep trainer clock uses a simple visual change to show when it is ‘morning’ and therefore when your child is allowed out of bed. The Gro Clock, Skip Hop Dream & Shine or Oricom Sleep Trainer Bunny Clocks are available from The Sleep Store and are popular options. To find out more read our buying guide or shop sleep trainer clocks here.

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