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Grobag Information

Grobag Information

Baby sleeping bags are designed to keep babies and toddlers at a safe, comfortable sleeping temperature all night long.

This helps them sleep for longer periods of time uninterrupted, and this means more sleep for the whole family.

Many of the sleeping bags in our range offer a nursery thermometer and a dressing guide, which stops the guess work of 'will they be too cold?'


The Gro Company are a brand from the UK that we stock here at The Sleep Store. They have been making sleeping bags for over a decade and were a pioneer in bringing new levels of quality and safety to their range. In recent years our range of sleeping bags has blossomed and there are now many other brands and styles available.


You can find more information on Gro Bags in our range by browsing to one of their styles in our collection and clicking on to the product's detail page.


If you trying to decide which sleeping bag is right for you, please check out our Choosing the Best Sleeping Bag buying guide - you'll find comparison guides and videos to help you to make the right choice.

The information below relates to Gro bags by The Gro Company.

Grobag information:

For detailed information on Grobag baby sleeping bags and the Gro egg, please read these pages:

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Using the Gro egg


How is a Grobag different?

Over 90% of new mothers in the UK now use a baby sleep bag, but when Grobags were launched this figure was less than 2%. The Gro Company is really proud to have changed the way that the UK puts its babies to bed. But it really does go further than that. Grobag was started to not only give both parents and babies a better and more peaceful night’s sleep, but also a safer night’s sleep. Gro has worked with, and supported, FSID since 2001 to help promote safe sleep for babies and to help fund their research. The company also follows all the latest research into safe sleep to make sure that not only are Grobags the best quality and safest possible, but also that the information provided is the most up-to-date and useful for parents and carers.


So when you buy a Grobag you can be sure that:


  • You are choosing a baby sleep bag that meets all the requirements of the new British Standard (BS 8510:2009)
  • You are choosing the only baby sleep bag recommended by FSID, the UK’s leading cot death charity
  • You are choosing a baby sleep bag that has gone through rigorous quality control and testing
  • You are choosing a baby sleep bag that uses high quality and reliable components such as YKK zips and poppers
  • You are choosing a baby sleep bag which will be correctly sized for your baby, in line with the British Standard
  • You are choosing from a range of sizes and togs
  • You have a FREE nursery thermometer and instructions to ensure that you know how to use your Grobag safely and correctly
  • You are choosing a baby sleep bag with 100% natural cotton lining and outer fabric with quick dry polyester filling


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