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Summer Must-Haves for your Toddler

Summer Must-Haves for your Toddler

We all know toddlers are super active during the day, so we need to maximise their overnight sleep (and day naps if they’re still napping) and protect them from the harsh sun to ensure maximum happiness for all. These are our tried and true summer essentials for toddlers

1. Sleeping Suit

Toddlers are active and it’s at this age they may start resisting the sleeping bag or climbing out the cot. A sleeping suit is a great alternative to a bag as it has legs! This allows more movement for active sleepers and is a safe option for young walkers and it’s not a trip hazard.

Depending on the temperature of your toddler's room, you could choose an ultra-lightweight sleeping suit, like the 0.2 Tog ErgoPouch Sleeping Suit or a Woolbabe Summer Sleeping Suit which can be used in room temperatures between 24 and 32°C. The merino component is great for wicking moisture away from the skin, eliminating that damp, clammy feeling which can happen sometimes with damp cotton. The Woolbabe 3-Seasons Sleeping Suit is a great alternative for slightly cooler rooms.


2. Summer PJ's

A pair of short sleeve cotton PJ’s are perfect for summer. Super soft and breathable, the Sleep Store Organic Cotton PJ’s come in a range of fun styles for summer.  


3. Portable Blackout Blinds

Help get your toddler to bed earlier and continue their day sleep longer with the Purflo Total Eclipse blackout blinds. Daylight outside can be a blocker to sleep as your toddler doesn’t think it’s time to sleep!

Using blackout blinds will make the room dark and remove any distractions for sleep. Use these in combination with a sleep trainer clock and you’ll have a winning combination for sleep!


4. Bedhead Hats

Outdoors is where it's at for toddlers in summer, so make sure they’re well protected with a Bedhead hat. Both the bucket and legionnaires styles provide good all-round coverage and they’ve been rated to UPF of 50+. Swim hats are also available for those who love splashing about in the water - they keep their shape when wet.


Pro tip: Make sure you have more than just one good hat for your toddler, having one in the car or at daycare as well as at home makes toddler life easier


5. Ro.Sham.Bo Sunglasses

Practical and stylish, the RoShamBo’s will have your toddler looking suave, whilst protecting their eyes. They’ll love looking like a movie star in their shades, whilst you can rest assured that the sunglasses will stand the test of time - they’re bendable and the shades are shatter-proof.


6. Beco Toddler Carrier

After all that outdoor adventuring toddlers can become pretty tired, pretty quick! We all have toddlers who’ve wanted to walk independently and given up, sat on a footpath! Save your shoulders and invest in a toddler carrier. The Beco Toddler Cool is great for summer with its large mesh panel across the back allowing for maximum breathability and it is safe to carry children up to 27kgs.


7. Sleep Trainer Clock

With the sun setting later in the summer months, it can be harder to get your toddler into bed at night. Use a sleep trainer clock to help reinforce the fact that even though it's light outside, its time for bed. Set the 'wake-up' time each day and once the light turns on in the morning, they know it's time to get up for the day.


8. Rash Vest & Swim Nappy

What's better than water play in summer? Whether it's a splash pad, the beach, a pool or just a sprinkler at home, water play is the perfect way to cool down, have fun and tire the little ones out! Protect your toddler from the sun with a UPF50+ Rash Vest and contain any messes with a swim nappy


9. Kai Cicle

Ice blocks are one of the best things about summer! Stock your freezer with a range of healthy ice blocks using Kai Carrier’s excellent range of reusable ice lock pouches. You could also fill them with a smoothie and add them to a lunchbox. Nom nom nom!

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