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Dropping from 2 to 1 Sleeps

Dropping from 2 to 1 Sleeps

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Dropping to 1 day sleep...what age did your kids do this? Any advice for other mums on making the transition go smoothly? We'd love to hear your experiences please!

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My son just in the last two weeks decided to drop to one sleep on his own..He was having one morning nap from 10-11.30 then an afternoon nap from 2.30-4..then all of a sudden he just decided he didn't want his second nap! So I pushed is morning sleep out from 10am and he now sleeps from 12pm-2.30pm like an angel!!

My son dropped to one sleep himself while we were in the states on holiday. He was 15 months at the time as well. A month on we still have the odd 2 sleep day, just depending on when he wakes in the morning.

My son dropped down to 1 sleep at about 14 or 15 months, no problems. He just started to have trouble going down for the 2nd nap so we just pushed the morning one out to about lunchtime. He is now 22 months and sleeps from about 1.15 or 1.30 til well after 3pm. And has no problems going to bed by 7pm! Gotta love that :)

We made the transition when my son was about 1. He just wasn't settling for his second nap and would stay awake in his room for ages. So I pushed his first nap till 11am (giving him small meals before and after). Now he's 20 months and goes down between 12 and 1.

Mine was about 1 - only just turned 1 at that. Dropped it pretty quickly - took maybe a week to settle in to the new routine.

My boy is only 10.5 months and some days he has one sleep. I put him down when tired rather than at a set time and last week probably 3 days he didn't go down until 11am and then slept until 130. Other days he would be down about 930am and about 2pm. Far too young to be dropping a sleep me thinks!!

Great question, my girl has JUST turned 1 and seems to want to drop her arvo sleep. will keep an eye on this

My daughter was only 8 months when she went down to one sleep. She was on three and instead of going to two a day she went to one a day. She used to sleep for at least two hours. Even now at 19 months we still get the odd three hour nap out of her.

Babies are meant to have two naps a day? (sigh) my one and a half year old missed that memo, has only ever had a lunch time nap. :)

My little boy went from 2 to 1 sleeps at 16 months, although he wanted to earlier. He was having 1 nap only 3 days a week at daycare, so I guess he was in transition since 12 months. Now at 21 months he sleeps 2.5 to occassional 4 hours from 12.30ish. But if we are out, he will fall asleep in the car and that's it for the day :-(

Just opened computer to search for this topic on sleepstore and lo and behold! Am wondering when is too early to drop down to one sleep. My son has just turned 9 months but isn't settling to his 2 day sleeps. I'm spending more time trying to get him to sleep than his actual 9 months too early??

My 13 month daughter is going through this transition at the moment. Been waiting till 11am to put her down the last few days and she sleeps for a few hours. She struggles to get to 6.30pm though but I'm sure this will get better soon.

Emily my daughter did that for about a week at nine months but then went back to two sleeps a day (2 hours morning and afternoon). She has just turned 1 and am hoping it continues for a while longer!

Son was around 8 to 9 months when he just suddenly dropped to one sleep. He just stopped going down for the first sleep at 9.30ish so I moved the 1pm sleep to noon and gave him an early lunch. He did seem young at the time but I knew of babies who had dropped the sleep even earlier. He took a long time to drop his day sleep altogether however- around 3 and a half.

Sé was about 16 mths before we dropped to one sleep. He just got to the point of only doing one decent sleep and one crappy one. i got tired of not knowing how my day was going to go, so started pushing out that morning one from 11 til 11.3...0 then 12 and then got as far as one!! Now I'll put him down with lunch at 12, stories at 12.30 (sometimes earlier if he looks like he needs it) and he'll be gone by 1!! Some days earlier... I've found though that if I leave gettign him settled any later than 12.30 he'll miss his window and take FOREVER to wind down. he'll now do a good 2 hour average sleep!! He'll be 2 in Nov and shows no sign of needing to drop this one thank goodness!

Tried 1 sleep with my 13 month old for a week as she was taking ages to go to sleep for the pm nap but it hasn't worked as she won't sleep past an hour in the morning - no matter what time I put her down as have tried stretching her out til 11.30. So now her pm sleep is getting really late (4.15 start some days.... with a 40 min nap). She has never been much ofa a day sleeper though. Am hoping she will one day figure out how to have 1 big lunchtime sleep - her older sister was great at this and started around 13 months.

Good stuff - we were getting close to moving to one sleep, and then Rotavirus set in and routine went out the window, now everyday (3 days recovered) has been different and Mr 12mths is very cranky. Hoping for a return to normality soon!

Hmmm ..... it depends what time my 16mth old son wakes. If he is awake before 7am and won't resettle then he has 2 (2 hrs each roughly) sleeps but if he wakes after 7.30 then he only needs one just after lunch when he generally sleeps for about 2.5 - 3 hours) I know that reducing to one sleep would help the early waking thing, but it's easier said than done sometimes!

We've had 1 sleep since about 4/5 months. lil mr is 7 months next week and has had 1 sleep today from 4.30-5!!! he does sleep all night though so can't really complain!

My twin girls were around 16 months when 'I' decided to drop the second sleep!!! They weren't going to sleep in the afternoon (but having a rest), but then they were taking a lot longer to go to sleep in the evening. So I tried holding th...em out for longer in the morning ... sometimes that worked, sometimes it didn't ... but then I wasn't putting them down in the afternoon at all. Gradually, they extended their morning out till 11.30 (after having an earlier lunch). Just recently I was trying to hold them out to 1pm (I look after 2 boys thru Barnardos and they leave at 1pm ... so it would give me a break!!!), but again, they were taking longer to go to sleep in the evening ... so back to 11.30/12noon sleeps :-) My girls are now 21.5 months old.

Emily was 12 m, but she still has 2 sleeps at daycare! but will only do 1 for me!

My son is already having days with just one daytime sleep. He is only 10 months.

From 12 mo I think my son has gone from 2 to 1 day sleep. I think it coincided with him starting childcare and that is what they did. He is now 2.5 yo and still sleeps from 1230 - 230 or 3 and sleeps at 730pm.

14 months or so for my son. My daughter (unfortunately!) only needs one day sleep now, she's 11 months - one day sleep since about 10 months. Her one sleep is often only 40 minutes, 1.5hrs if I'm lucky.

My son thinks he only needs one sleep too and he is 9 months! If I am lucky he will have a sleep in the car or pram in the afternoon

We went through a similar stage around 10 months, I just kept persisting on the 2x sleeps (would start her out in cot and if wouldn't settle it would be straight into the buggy and walking until she went to sleep). Within a fortnight at the most we were back to 2x sleeps with happy settling. Dropped to 1x daysleep at 14 months.

At 14 months out of necessity we went from two to one nap, I have twins so keeping them up for longer was hard - that was when I started playcentre - kept them up til 12 much easier than being at home! It took both kiddies different times to adjust, but once they got there it's made it easeir as we can get out and about in the mornings easier.

My wee man has decided that he only needs one sleep a day at 14 months, if i push him out till 11.30-12 before putting him down he will sleep for 45-1hour and wake screaming and be grumpy for the rest of the day, if he goes down at 10 he will sleep 2-2.5 hours, wake happy and get through to bed time in a happy mood :c)

I'd love to know how to get all the pieces to fit, we have 5am wakes, resistence to afternoon naps and a tired girl by 6.30pm.
Was pretty early, just over a year I think, and she'd been having only one sleep occasionally from around 11 months. Things got a lot easier with one decent long sleep,rather than 2 shortish ones. Naptime was 11:30am/12pm after an early lunch just after 11, and she would sleep until 2:30pm - 3pm. Every baby is different though, my youngest who is 9 months is still on 2 or often 3 sleeps a day, there is no way I see her going to one sleep by her birthday.  

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