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Why Use a Baby Sleeping Bag or Sleep Sack?

Why Use a Baby Sleeping Bag or Sleep Sack?


If you are trying to decide if a baby sleeping bag is right for your baby, here are some great benefits from using a sleeping bag or sleep sack:

  • Comfort baby and keep her warm, without the need for additional bedding.

  • Baby will be the right temperature all night - there are no sheets or blankets to kick off while in a baby sleeping bag, so your baby won't wake up cold.

  • Reduce wake ups from baby being cold. With a a consistent, warm temperature all night, your baby is less likely to wake from the cold (they may still wake if there are issues with sleep associations or self settling).

  • Ensure baby sleeps safely - there are no sheets or blankets to wriggle under or pose a suffocation threat so you can help create a safer sleep environment for baby.

  • Prevent wake ups from baby getting her feet stuck between the cot bars - baby sleeping bags prevent little feet from becoming stuck between them.

  • A sleeping bag is a positive sleep association so the transition from bassinet to a cot, and later from a cot to a bed, is less daunting because the sleeping conditions remain the same.

  • Complete the bedtime routine in baby's sleeping bag - you can cuddle your baby and then place them in their cot, which makes settling much easier.

  • Create a positive sleep association - your baby will quickly develop a sleep association with their sleeping bag, meaning that every time they are put in their bag, it's a strong cue that it's time to sleep.

  • A sleeping bag is a sleep environment that is safe and familiar, so when taking your baby sleeping bag on holiday or when visiting family and friends, your baby has her usual sleep cue.

  • Travel sleeping bags, which have a slot for the pushchair buckle, help baby with a regular sleeping routine, even when you are are out. They allow your child to go into a pushchair or a buggy and then you can simply transfer your baby to their cot or bed.


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