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Did Night Sleep Training Help Day Sleeps?

Did Night Sleep Training Help Day Sleeps?

The Sleep Store posted:

Have you found that teaching your baby to sleep through the night also improved their day sleeps?


Our Facebook community replied:

Babies sleep through the night nope my twins boys dont have a clue what that is! They are 19 weeks and wake between 1 and 4 times a night :(

No not in our family. We tried and tried to fix night sleeps with no luck so I focussed on day sleeps instead and once I fixed the day sleeps the night sleeps fixed themselves.

for us at 6months old yes, once we weaned the dummy and he was sleeping11-12 hours at night it took about 3 weeks for his day naps to lengthen from 30 min catnaps.

i think ours also worked the other way round - improved day sleeps led to quality night sleeps. our two boys sleep all the way through every night now. phew!

we have twin boys too. It took us 4 months to realise that we had to do something about the sleepless nights, like you we were up atleast 4-5 times a night. At 4.5 months we did the verbal reassurance technique. And it saved our lives haha. Ftom then on boys have been sleeping through the night with odd nights where they will wake up once. It is hard for the first couple of nights, but it's so worth it. If you want any tips send me a message I'll share our experience with you. As it is different when you have two babies. Oh and the outfits your boys are wearing are sooo cute. AS for the question about night and day sleeps, I think when boys started sleeping better at night their day naps improved too. We also introduced a routine and that helped alot :)

It changes so much it's not funny newborn sleeps toddler does not lol!!

Hell yes, firm believes in sleep breeds sleep.

omg yes or the otherway around and it's all thanks you you Louise and the The Sleep Store, We only just started VR three days ago after being out of his cot for 5ish weeks (moving from chch to akl) he has currently been alssep 9self settled) since 8.30am!!!! that is amazing for my bubba that had to be rocked and held, for his shot 30mins sleeps! he is 7months


Oh yes!!!

I would love my 9mth old girl to sleep at all!!!! Since the quakes in February she will not settle during the day or night. Any ideas??

I think I need to attend a sleep seminar. I have a great day sleeper, but a 6 month old still waking for feeds in the night. :(

My 5 month old still wakes fully for 2 feeds in the night and also up to 5 times a night for "re-dummying" both in the first few hours of sleep and last few hours. During the day she catnaps for up to 40 mins abotu 4 times a day. I have no clue how change this as verbal reassurance just didnt work for me at all :( Think you need to get rid of the dummy to get VR to work, but the dummy is so important for her to self settle at the mo.. catch 22!

my jj was exactly the same, i promise dummy weaning will fix it, you can do it! its much more important for her to self settle independently x

my 10month old son doesnt sleep at all durin the day and sometimes sleeps thru the nite dependin on teeth comin thru and my almost 3year old girl sleeps at least 12hrs a nite but last nite, she slept 15hrs fantastic and my son did 13

ABSOLUTELY! Sleep breeds sleep :) And all thanks to the SleepStore providing advice on the VR technique!

my guy was happy in cot by himself so we would just pop dummy in and walk out.... every hour!!! so one morning i just threw them all in the bin and then i sat with him and stroked his face and talked to him and encouraged him to suck on his comfort toy and he cried :( for 20 minutes then was happy so i left and he went to sleep. THE END! that was seriously it. he didnt sleep much the first day but that night slept 8 hours! woot! then i bf'd him and put him back and he slept till 630ish i think. and we never looked back. day naps were awful for the first week (2 30min catnaps a day) but they lengthened. i haven't gotten up to him at night (before 5am) since that day!!! that was Dec 1st. he turned one yesterday :) he started sucking his thumb a few weeks later. and we only had one crying session... thats unusual tho. you can do it!

we still use a dummy, it was me that needed to get tough, he dosnt need me to feed him during the night it was just gettng through because of the quakes etc got to do what ever you can to survive aye, just glad im getting some sleep myself now even if its only been a couple of nights hehehe, i have a two year old who is on the go all day so i had to get the baby into a routine before i lost the plot lol.

My 6mo has slept 11-12 hours at night since he was 3mo however day sleeps are a completely different story!!

Ahh noooo - day sleeps for my LO are all over the show still and she sleeps through the night 6.30pm-7am... :)


I recently stopped dummy cold turkey. My girl is nearly 6 months and hadn't fallen asleep without dummy since maybe 4 weeks old. Best thing ever! Was hard at first but 2 weeks on and she is sleeping through most nights and having longer sleeps during the day!!!

Luckily my bubs didnt like a dummy... he has slept through on and off. But the night sleep throughs came first and that sorted the catnapping. I just go with the flow, but day sleeps are sorted, if he is upset or sick it is the night sleeps that are affected. He is 12months and he still bf's 3 times a day (weaning to 2) but lots of cuddles and a bf at night if he really upset usually does the trick. Doesnt usually take longer than 15mins so not a major.

No! Used verbal reassurance at night which works except when teething. But am lucky if I get 45 mins afternoon nap out of miss 11 months and several times a week no afternoon nap at all! She almost always poos at arvo nap time no matter what time she goes down it's so frustrating! Good morning napper though thank goodness.

I'm a no too! VR works well at night and for settling her at nap time, but my 6 month old still catnaps for every nap, unless we intervene and push her through into the next sleep cycle (this only works occasionally though)

For sure! Once my bub learnt to resettle at night, she started doing it in her day sleeps too. No more catnapping, thank god!

Absolutely! Our 4 month old started sleeping through the night on Sunday after starting VR and since then he is going down for 2hr naps 3 times a day like clockwork. Which is totally shocking considering I was lucky to get one 50min nap out of him per day before this. VR changed everything.

We have lost our good night sleeps after a couple of bouts of illness but she is having much better day sleeps.... Probably because she is worn out from waking two or three times a night for feeds. So frustrating to go back to broken sleep after months of her sleeping through the night.


Totally, I swear by your sleep methods on your web site. I can confidently say that using them has made my kids the best sleepers of all the kids I know. They both self settle, sleep 12 hrs every night, and sleep during nap time during the day! I love your site!! :)

I am the same as claire I had two wonderful sleepers but since one got sick three times in a row gone is her sleeping through ... She now wakes for at least one feed in the night ... It's a very short bf but still needs the feed.. I allow it as she is so small for her age... Under 3% range ...

yes, day sleeps have shown improvement i.e. it's possible for him to sleep longer than 45 mins. not consistently, but definitely better.

with my little girl I agree sleep breeds sleep, but not with my lil boy. Once he started sleeping through the night, his day sleeps got less. Not that it worries me, I'm getting a full nights sleep which is fine by me as I'm working full time and need it.