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Moving from sleeping bag to bedding

Moving from sleeping bag to bedding

As your child gets close to moving to a bed or starts to protest about wearing a sleeping bag, you may be wondering how to make the transition to traditional bedding.

Using a sleeping bag has been so great for your peace of mind.....your child was always snug and warm! But all good things come to an end sooner or later and like a lot of things to do with kids, it will be easier than you think!!

Here are a few tips to move from bag to bedding.

Can my child use a sleeping bag in a bed?

Yes! Many children do continue to use a sleeping bag once they are in a bed. It can help them stay in bed as it often doesn't occur to children to walk round in a sleeping bag.

If your child needs to get up in the night for the toilet, teach them to get in and out of their sleeping bag and use a nightlight to make this easier.

Ensure your child knows to take off their sleeping bag before they get up in the morning, as it is not safe to walk round in a bag.

Getting started

We recommend making the transition from sleeping bag to bedding during the warmer months if possible. This will helpfully reduce the likelihood your child wakes up cold as they are learning about using a duvet or blankets.

  • Introduce a duvet or special blanket during rest times, cuddles on the sofa, lying on the floor etc, so it becomes familiar before the transition. It may become a comfort item that they love to snuggle with and will therefore be very welcome at bedtime!

  • Start by using just a top sheet over the sleeping bag, so your child gradually gets the idea that the sheet gets pulled up and is part of the bedtime routine.

  • Then try using a lighter weight sleeping bag, the top sheet and one blanket.Once your child is used to the sheet and blanket, try some sleeps without the sleeping bag and see how it goes.

Once your child is in a bed

  • Introduce a pillow if you haven’t already, as this can make staying still in bed more likely. E.g. ‘Lie down on your pillow’ anchors them in one place in bed.
  • Dress your child warmly enough that they don’t need much bedding. Using an all-in-one sleepsuit can be a great next step after a sleeping bag.

If they really can’t keep their bedding on

Often a child won’t get the concept of pulling up their bedding to stay warm until they are over 3 years old....

We recommend you dress your child warmly enough that they don’t need much bedding, so it doesn’t matter too much if the bedding ends up down by their feet!

Using an all-in-one sleepsuit can be a great next step after a sleeping bag.

Any other tips?

Also merino sleepwear is really helpful during this time, as it helps to regulate temperature much more effectively than other fabrics. It won’t overheat your child if they do keep the bedding on and it will help keep them warmer if the bedding ends up on the floor.

Also using a nightlight can be very helpful. If your child can’t see their bedding, it’s hard to be able to pull it up!