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Top 5 Reasons for Dads to Baby Carry

Top 5 Reasons for Dads to Baby Carry

Most people often think baby carrying is just for mums, however with so many easily adjustable carriers now available, there’s no reason why Dads can’t carry as well. And hey, it’s great to be able to share the load!

With our range of practical, safe & supportive carriers, Dad can strap bubs in quickly securely to give mum a well-earned break and enjoy some one on one bonding.

So, why should Dad's baby wear?

1. Improved attachment

being held close builds trust, resilience and promotes a secure attachment. And whilst this is true for mum’s too, wearing your baby is an easy way for Dads to bond.

2. Share the load

Let’s face it, mum’s are still majority caregivers, so it’s wonderful for Dads to be able to carry bubs while mum is having a break and perhaps enjoying a hot coffee!


3. Comfort Baby

Carrying baby can reduce crying and help reduce fussiness and symptoms of colic. Touch can lower a baby's stress hormone (cortisol), so the more the baby is carried, the calmer they may be.

4. Get out and about

Baby carrying is an easy, hands free way for the whole family to stay active - walking along the beach, hiking or even chasing older children around the park, wearing baby means it's easy to keep active and get out.

5. It’s fun being on the adventure together

Being the personal mode of transport to your baby brings joy. Not only do you get to show them the world from your perspective but also to experience it from theirs. To walk around and see things new, through their eyes, to hear and feel their reactions - it is like nothing else. Carrying your baby brings those moments closer - they’ll hold a special place. It’s rare to come across a father who doesn’t speak fondly of their memories carrying their baby.

Dad wearing newborn baby in a Boba wrap - Why should Dads baby carry?