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Top 5 Winter Essentials for Baby Sleep

Top 5 Winter Essentials for Baby Sleep

Keeping baby warm in winter needn't be hard! Parents can fret over how many layers is too many or if baby will wake up cold, but with a few key pieces, all you'll have to do is add or take off a layer or two depending on the warmth of your home. We've picked our top 5 essential items to keep your baby warm this winter.

Top 5 Winter Essentials for Baby Sleep

1. Woolbabe Duvet Weight Sleeping Bag

Gold Winner for the Most Recommended Product, Woolbabe Sleeping Bags are loved by parents and babies. Filled with warm, temperature regulating merino, the Woolbabe Duvet Weight Sleeping Bags are ideal for room temperatures between 14 and 21 degrees, by varying the clothing underneath. The bags are super cosy and give you the peace of mind of safe sleep - there's no blankets for baby to kick off or come loose.  

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2. Deluxe Merino Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Merino is temperature regulating and moisture-wicking, the perfect fabric for a base layer for your baby. Made from a rib knit, these bodysuits can stretch to fit your baby snuggly, creating a warm pocket of air around baby. Great, for layering underneath a onesie or pyjama's.

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3. Woolbabe Merino/Organic Cotton PJ Suit

Made from the same fabric as our award-winning sleeping bags, your baby will not want to take their Woolbabe PJ's off! Made from organic cotton & merino, these PJ suits help regulate baby's temperature and are easy to layer with a bodysuit or singlet suit and a sleeping bag. Bubs will be cosy all night long.

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4. Woolbabe Sleepy Socks

Don't forget little toes! Adding a pair of socks can make the difference baby waking in the early hours of the morning and sleeping through and it's so easy to simply add socks. Woolbabe Sleepy Socks are made of the same cosy merino / organic cotton blend. Plus, the larger styles feature printed grip on the bottom of the socks, so little walkers can safely walk around without falling over.

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5. Reversible Quilted Wool Underlay

Sleeping on wool has been shown to encourage longer, most restful sleep and a wool underlay can help regulate baby's temperature throughout the night. This reversible wool underlay is great for winter as it adds warmth to the cot, but can also be reversed in summer for a cooler cotton surface, while still getting the benefits of wool. Recommended for babies over 6 months of age.

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Top 5 Winter Essentials For Baby Sleep | Trusted Baby Sleep Advice

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