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What's The Best Baby Carrier For Summer?

What's The Best Baby Carrier For Summer?

Our Top 5 Hot Weather Baby Carriers (and a Toddler Carrier)

Generally there’s no getting around the fact that two hot bodies together will heat each other. But in the hottest months there’s also no nicer place to be than walking a bush track. Breathable mesh panels or moisture-wicking fabric allow the heat to escape, as does a design that offers better airflow than standard carriers. Avoid layers of wrapped fabric and bulky padding. Remember to dress baby lightly, keep up the fluids (both of you!) and seek shade when you can. Having a small muslin on hand to slot between you also helps when you have to peel off a sweaty baby!

Some of the top baby carriers for summer

Beco Gemini Cool Mesh

  • A light, easy-to-wear style

  • To regulate body temperature with moisture-wicking microfiber fabric

  • SPF50 UVA/UVB sun protection

  • Versatility - 4 carry positions

Beco 8

  • A bigger fit than the Beco Cool Mesh

  • Suitable from newborn to toddler, up to 20kgs

  • Versatility - 4 carry positions

Ergobaby Omni Cool Mesh 360

  • Detachable pouch for storage

  • Features an SPF50+ 100% cotton poplin sleeping hood

  • All carry positions and suitable from 3.2 -15kgs

Physio Carrier by Je Porte Mon Bebe

  • A dual-purpose opening panel with mesh to ventilate and cool baby when hot, or to zip up and keep warm when cold

  • Good visibility of baby's position thanks to mesh panel

  • Longevity - suitable from 3.5kg - 20kg

  • A carrier with most of the weight on the shoulders and a higher centre of gravity

Tula Coast

  • Ventilated mesh panels, giving optimal airflow, ideal for active carriers and warm weather

  • 100% cotton with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified canvas

  • Removable, regulated hood in breathable mesh

Beco Cool Toddler

  • A carrier suitable for toddlers between 10kg and 27kg

  • A design that promotes airflow thanks to the mesh panel and line

  • Moisture-wicking fabric to keep you and baby dry

  • SPF50 UVA/UVB Protection

Where to next?

For more of our range and more information on choosing the right carrier for you visit our baby carrying advice pages for loads of helpful videos and articles.

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