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We absolutely love good baby carriers, as they make life with little people so much easier.

Some of the popular uses for our carriers include:

  • Hands free around the house - much easier to hang the washing, play with a toddler, cook the dinner....  

  • Carriers are great for quick trips into shops or other places where getting out the buggy is not necessary but you need to safely and comfortably carry your baby or toddler

  • Helping unsettled newborns to sleep, especially in the first few months when they are missing womb service

  • Helping older babies or toddler sleep out and about.

  • Family walks, especially with toddlers and preschoolers who run out of steam

  • Travelling, including places you can't take a buggy or airports.

  • Cuddling your little ones hands free.

We believe we have Australasia's best selection of carriers. The majority of our huge range of carriers are in stock at our warehouse and available for prompt dispatch. You can be confident when you are buying a carrier with The Sleep Store that if it is on our website and available to order it will arrive quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Find the right carrier

Choosing a baby carrier can be a bit daunting as there are now so many options and often many that seem an awful lot the same!

All of our carriers will take you through at least one full year of your baby’s life and if you’re enjoying using them, most will do the second year too! They also all provide great knee to knee support which is important for both hip socket development AND comfort – for both you and your baby.

Our range has been hand-picked by our expertly trained baby carrier consultants and to be selected it has to meet our standards for quality, safety and comfort. In our collection you'll find we'll known styles from Beco, Boba, Ergobaby and Lillebaby alongside Love Radius, Chekoh, BabyDink and Lenny Lamb plus many, many other well-respected brands, limited editions and elusive designs.  

On this page, we’ll give you an overview of the different styles we stock, links to safety tips and what some of the reasons for choosing the different types of carriers are.

We believe we have Australasia's best selection of carriers. The majority of our huge range of carriers are in stock at our warehouse and available for prompt dispatch. You can be confident when you are buying a carrier with The Sleep Store that if it is on our website and available to order it will arrive quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Plus if your order through your account you'll earn 5% of the value of your order back in SleepPoints too!


Choose the right baby carrier for you

Go through the checklist below, which will help you narrow down which type of baby carrier is right for you.


Choose a Stretchy Wrap if you want a:

  • A soft, gentle option that's also ideal for sitting positions

  • To keep your newborn baby snug & close to your heartbeat

  • A range of wrapping options for you and your partner



Mother kissing baby on head while carrying baby in Boba Stretchy Wrap

Watch Lou demonstrate and talk about the top rated Boba Strechy Wrap

Choose a Ring Sling if you want a:

  • An option that is quick and easy to put on

  • A carrier that doesn't require any learning

  • Versatility - perfect for men or women



Mother carrying baby in Ring Sling

Watch Lou demonstrate how to use the Love Radius Stretchy Ring Sling

Choose a Soft Structured carrier (front pack) if you want a:

  • A highly comfortable, supportive carrier

  • A carrier that's simple to wear

  • Versatility - perfect for men or women

  • Longevity - a carrier that's ideal for newborns to toddlers (generally from 4kg to 20kg)



Dad carrying baby in a Boba X baby carrier

Watch Lou demo our most recommended buckle carriers (front packs)

Choose a Meh Dai if you want a:

  • The carrier to fit anyone, wether petitie, plus size, broad shouldered or more

  • A carrier that's the middle ground between a woven wrap and a soft structured carrier

  • More structure than a woven wrap but no waistband or buckles



Mother with toddler in a Meh Dai carroer

Choose a Woven Wrap if you want a:

  • A carrier that fits all sizes, shapes and ages of babies from newborn to toddler

  • To carry baby on your back, front or side in a range of positions

  • Beautiful designs



Baby sound asleep in a woven wrap with mother

Choose a Onbuhimo if you want a

  • A carrier that's ideal for pregnancy and best used on the back

  • Something compact and easy to carry

  • A reasonably priced option



Toddler on mothers back in a Onbuhimo carrier

Baby Carrier Info Video's and How To's

Watch our extensive range of videos which include information on carriers, safety tips, how to use the carriers and general information which will help you choose the right carrier for you.

An introductory look at baby carriers

Summer Baby & Toddler Carriers

We look at carrier safety, ways to keep cool, breathable carriers, different ways to carry your baby from newborn and up as well as advice for using a carrier with a bad back.

Ring Slings

Ring slings are made from lengths of woven wrap fabric with two rings sewn in one end. They are used on one shoulder and again will take you from new born through to toddlerhood. Ring Slings are another great comfortable supportive option for newborn as they’ll support the “C-shape” curve babies are born with. They have a shorter learning curve than wraps, and many men will be happy to wear them too.

Woven Wraps

Woven wraps are long pieces of specially woven babywearing fabric. They are designed to be strong and secure and have a good stretch/give across the diagonal to mould around your baby. They have a bit of a learning curve, so you need to be prepared to ‘learn’ how to wrap, and pop along to a babywearing meet/group to get some hands on pointers. YouTube has a lot of tutorials now as woven wraps become more popular, but there is nothing like hands on help!

Stretchy Wraps

Stretchy wraps like Moby, BabyDink or Boba are lovely for newborns. They’re soft, gentle stretch cotton that you wrap around yourself (or your partner!) and tuck your new bundle into. Particularly in the first few months they can give you your hands back and are comfy enough that you can sit down and relax once baby has zz’d off all snuggled up. Because they wrap right around you if you spread them out they’re amazing for skin to skin too, as yoúll be covered where you’d like to be and baby is held against your chest listening to your heartbeat.

Soft Structured Carriers - SSC (Buckle Carriers)

Soft Structured Carriers or SSCs are a very popular choice in the baby carrier range. This style covers brands like Ergobaby, Boba, Beco, Manduca, Lillebaby and Lenny Lamb. These are also super quick to pop on and are very supportive. While you and your baby may take a little time to get used to carrying and working out the most comfortable position for you both, SSCs do not require any learning or technique in the way a woven wrap does.

Onbuhimo Carriers

Based on a traditional Japanese way of carrying, Onbuhimo have become an extremely popular type of baby carrier. With comfy shoulder straps but no waist band, Onbuhimo are ideal for during pregnancy or for those who prefer not to have a waist band. Wearing an Onbuhimo is like a hands-free a piggyback!

Meh Dai

Meh Dai are based on the traditional Asian style carrier. They are more structured than a woven wrap but without the padded waist band and buckles of a structured carrier. They are very versatile in the way you can wear them and also they can fit any sized person as they are tied to fit each time you wear it.

Top Carrier Brands