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Tula FAQ

Tula FAQ

Tula Carrier Information

WOW Tula carriers are gorgeous, comfortable, practical...what more could you want from a baby or toddler carrier?

While they are similar to an ergo or Manduca in many regards, they are also quite different. The key differences between these 3 carriers are:

A Tula carrier has a much higher back panel than either Ergobaby, which makes it more supportive.
Tula carriers are available in standard baby size or a bigger toddler size. While a Manduca or Ergobaby is a 'one size fits all' often toddlers need greater leg support than either ergo or Manduca gives and also the higher toddler back panel of the Tula gives you greater confidence your child is comfortable and very secure.
The Tula designs are just so beautiful!! From the funky zz designs to beautiful animals or florals, there is a Tula design for everyone to long for!
We know you will love your Tula as we have loved ours, and all our customers who have invested in one.


About Tula Carriers

Tula carriers were designed by Ula from Poland and her husband Mike from Vietnam. After seeing carriers around the world and comparing all the best features, the Tula was born.

Ula and Mike were very keen travellers, particularly in South America where babywearing is so common and there are all sorts of ways to wear babies. Ula tells how they wore their baby in a sling, and loved the convenience of babywearing. Later when their son was born, Ula and Mike experienced to ease and comfort of ergonomic carriers, as well as finding them dad-friendly! While they tried lots of carriers, they never found one they really liked and had Mike's Ba Noi (Vietnamese for Grandma) sew us one to their specifications. According to Ula, it was close to perfect and the Tula was born!

At first Ulan and Mike made their beautiful Tula carriers for friends and family, but after so many comments and requests, Tula became available for you... from The Sleep Store and other babywearing retailers around the world.


Front Carry

If you're using your Tula to carry a newborn this is the position you'll need and for babies up to 2 years its the position you'll most likely keep coming back to. Having baby close and with it easy to kiss the top of their head it can't be beat.

If you are carrying a newborn from approximately 3.2 to 5.5kg you'll need the infant insert, until they're large enough and their neck is stronger.

Use the infant insert to enable the cosy carrying position with your Tula carrier, ensuring adequate head/neck support and healthy maturation of the spine.

The infant insert includes an integrated harness, which attaches to carrier and a velcro attachment, which secures your baby to the insert.


Tula Back Carry Position

Babywearing is practical for the parent, it has amazing benefits for the baby and it feels so good to have your baby snuggled in close! Tula believes babywearing isn’t a trend, it is also not a skill you need to learn. Every parent should follow his natural instincts.

When baby is 6 months or older the back carry position is possible. While back carrying is one of the most liberating types of carries–it enables you to be hands free and keep the baby safely from whatever you are doing–it seems to be one of the most daunting carries for parents. Back Carrying allows the parent to perform many tasks that would otherwise be difficult with a baby on the front.

Get some help while you practice getting your little one in to the back carry position. It can be tricky to attempt first time round so practice over a soft surface, like the bed. Once you've mastered the technique, adjusted the straps and made sure baby is sitting well in the carrier it's a liberating position to carry your child.

Imagine how much easier it will be to get everyday things done with your baby safely and securely on your back, while she is still able to take in all the sights and sounds around them.


Tula Features


  • Front and back carry
  • From 7kg - 20kg (standard Tula carriers)
  • From 11kg - 22kg (toddler Tula carriers)
  • Standard Tula can be used for newborns (3.5 kg +) if used with the Tula Infant Insert
  • No legs dangling! Designed to provide a wide seat and to support a natural M position of baby's leg and hips
  • Tula Carrier complies with the European Safety Norm EN 13209- 2:2006
  • High quality, 100% cotton with Öko-Tex Standard 100 certificate
  • Highest quality Duraflex buckles
  • Pocket on the hip belt for additional storage
  • Hood to support baby’s head while asleep, to protect from sun or wind, and to allow for comfortable breastfeeding
  • Shoulder straps extend - allows for wearers of all sizes to share the same carrier; also makes breastfeeding easy!
  • Additional padding in shoulder straps and child's leg area for extra comfort
  • Three section hip belt that contours around waist
  • Made in Poland and Mexico.
  • Machine Washable - cold, gentle cycle

How To Instructions

Here you'll find information and videos about getting the most out your Tula carrier

Tula - Keep doing what you love.